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Australia-China Symposium on Digital Technology, Judicial Communication and Access to Justice: Challenges and Opportunities

Ever-improving digital technology has significantly changed the methods of judicial communication. This brings opportunities and challenges for courts, regulators and legal practitioners and consequently impacts access to justice. 

This Symposium considers how judges communicate in our technological world and what role the internet plays in providing access to justice and understanding legal principles. Issues to be considered include how judges, regulators and law practitioners use digital media and other technologies, such as WeChat and specialised online databases, to: (a) comment and discuss ideas (b) help or facilitate juridical communication, as well as (c) improve the existing dispute settlement mechanisms in general.

Major improvements have occurred in recent years in the quality and consistency of Chinese judgment writing, and Guiding Cases have become increasingly important in the adjudication of commercial lawsuits in particular. Digital technology has significantly facilitated such a process. Most recently, China established a Court for Internet Cases in Hangzhou in June 2017.

A dialogue between Chinese and Australian judges as well as law and IT practitioners will help each side to better understand the role of court judgments in their respective legal systems, as well as the impacts of digital technology on judicial communication and access to justice, and to learn from each other about how to improve the predictability and consistency of adjudication through new digital technology.

This bilateral Symposium, hosted by the China Law Research Group at the UTS Faculty of Law, will bring together Australian judges, academics, legal practitioners and professionals in major IT companies with their Chinese peers for dialogue about improving techniques of legal adjudication in the current digital environment.

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7 September 2017
8:30 am - 5:00 pm


City - Haymarket

Registrants to be emailed location details closer to event date.