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UTS Bar Preparation Program

The UTS Faculty of Law has almost 10 years' experience offering short courses for candidates preparing to undertake the NSW Bar Association’s Bar Examinations, and is running a new Bar Preparation Program commencing in May 2017.

The distinctive feature of practice at the Bar is advocacy before the courts and other tribunals. As such, the Bar Association sets its examination with a practical orientation, focusing on subjects related specifically to advocacy. 

With tbarrister's wighis in mind, the UTS Bar Preparation Program addresses the three focus modules of the Bar Association’s examination:

  1. Legal ethics for Barristers
  2. Aspects of evidence
  3. Practice and procedure for Barristers

Benefits of the UTS Bar Preparation Program

Choose UTS Faculty of Law to assist in your preparation to the Bar because we provide you with:

  • Almost 10 years’ experience and expertise teaching Bar preparation courses. 
  • A program designed and conducted by university-qualified academics and practising barristers. This unique combination provides the practical approach needed to help participants ready themselves for the examination, as well as help prepare them for the rigours of those early years at the Bar.  
  • A convenient location. The UTS Haymarket campus is easy walking distance to the CBD with multiple public transport options (Central train station, Paddy’s Market light rail stop, Railway Square bus interchange) and numerous parking stations.
  • A suitable learning pace, with modules conducted over three consecutive Saturdays. Each Saturday, candidates will have the opportunity to test their understanding of subject material through the use of practice problems and scenarios. This model allows participants the opportunity to properly digest each module, develop good problem-solving / answering techniques, and aid information retention.
  • Value for money in comparison to any course of its type.

What we cover

The UTS Bar Preparation Program (BPP) addresses the following topics:

Evidence & Criminal Procedure
An examination of the Evidence Act 1995 and how it is built on a framework of Relevance, Exclusionary Rules, Discretionary / Mandatory Rules.  The module will examine specific issues such as the application of the Rules of Evidence, Witnesses, Proof, Documents, Warnings / Directions, Privileges and so on, as well as relevant provisions from the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 and the Bail Act 2013

Civil Practice & Procedure
Addresses various aspects of the Civil Procedure Act 2005, the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005, as well as the relevant Court Legislation, Rules and Practice Notes.  The specific topics have been selected to provide candidates with a detailed understanding of the various procedures that are commonly encountered in practice.

Ethics for Barristers
Addresses various aspects of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW), the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014 and the Legal Profession Uniform Conduct (Barristers) Rules 2015.  This module will provide an initial overview of the interrelationship between the Barristers Rules and relevant Legislation before working through the relevant Rules and Legislation in more detail.  As part of this treatment of the various requirements and principles, a range of relevant authorities will be examined as a way of demonstrating the importance of the issues and how the Courts have approached them.

The final part of the day will involve an interactive session of Hypothetical Problem Solving, which has been designed to enhance the understanding of these concepts.

Program staff for 2017

The UTS academics and practising barristers involved with the development and delivery of the Program include:

Registration and Cost for 2017

Enrolments for the mid-2017 offering of the BPP are now closed. The registration fee was $1,600.00 (including GST), with a discount of 10% available to UTS Alumni. Note that all registrations are governed by Terms & Conditions.

Future offerings

The Bar Preparation Program is anticipated to run prior to each round of the NSW Bar Association's Examination. As the examination is currently held in February and June each year, the next running of the BPP is planned for January 2018. Further details regarding future offerings of the course will be made available later in the year via this webpage and our mailing list.

Further enquiries or requests to join the mailing list for updates from UTS:Law in relation to future educational offerings in this area may be directed to: 

UTS:Law Short Courses Office  
Email: Law.ShortCourses@uts.edu.au
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