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A dynamic and innovative law school, achieving great success for the quality of its legal education and research.
Undergraduate study
Open Day

Open Day 29 August

UTS Open Day is your chance to visit our campus to attend a range of info sessions and talk one-on-one with our academics, staff and current uni students.
Postgraduate Study
Juris Doctor

Info session 30 Sept

Discover opportunities to enhance your professional qualifications, skills and knowledge through further legal education.
Have you ever heard a barrister deliver a perfectly articulated argument and wondered, ‘How in the world did they get so good?’ The answer it seems, is practice, and what better time to start than right now.
UTS:Law offers students the opportunity to have their international internship count for academic credit, and has arranged ‘real world’ legal project placements in Asia, South Africa, and the USA.
Can you guess which academic is an animal lover who has a two pets, a cattle dog cross called Byron and a cat called Red?
The prospect of starting a law firm seems tempting to some particularly adventurous lawyers, but for most it is a dream that seems too risky to pursue.