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Info session 11 November

Discover opportunities to enhance your professional qualifications, skills and knowledge through further legal education.
It's just as important to check on your mental health as it is your physical health. UTS:Law graduate Jerome Doraisamy's book The Wellness Doctrines is a great guide for law students and young lawyers alike. Find out what inspired him to write the book and what he hopes it will achieve.
For years now there has been talk about the prevalence of poor mental health in the legal profession. Now is the time for law schools and firms to work on putting some ideas into practice for improving things.
If you’re dreaming of a glorious legal future, the last thing you want to do is stride confidently to the bar table in the Supreme Court and incorrectly address the judge. Never fear, we’ve broken down the basics – you’ll be rocking that legal networking night in no time at all!
One of UTS:Law’s most outstanding students has been recognised by the Australian Government for her success academically, and extensive community involvement. What drives Alison Whittaker to go above and beyond? The answer might surprise you.