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Info session 13 Jan 2016

Discover opportunities to enhance your professional qualifications, skills and knowledge through further legal education.
Australia's first website dedicated to forced marriage prevention, information and legal advice has been launched by Anti-Slavery Australia at UTS
The message is clear–renewable energy will need to be utilised by companies if they want to survive. Read what climate experts at #GCET16 had to say about "The Clean Energy Revolution" ahead of #COP21 next week.
At the #GCET16 conference in September, Martijn Wilder AM shared some insights on what will need to be achieved at the #COP21 conference in Paris to avoid devastating impacts on the environment. Find out what he had to say.
If you're a legal professional or student chances are you have used Austlii! Today is Austlii's 20th anniversary - we're excited to see what the next twenty years will bring!