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What we do

Learning futures

Our unique approach to learning reengineers subjects to enable students to experience a seamless integration of the best of online and face-to-face on campus learning.

Off campus, students access digital resources and undertake tasks at a time and place that suits you. On campus, UTS is in the midst of a $1 billion City Campus redevelopment. As striking as the designs are, it isn't just about what you’ll see on the outside – it's as much, or more, about what it will enable on the inside.

Our active learning approach capitalises on our state-of-the-art learning spaces. Students are encouraged to engage with academics and peers through lectures, tutorials and workshops and focus on problem solving and group work while at uni. Students have access to academic and industry networks and opportunities to build real relationships with a diverse range of peers and future colleagues.

Translating research in to practice
As a leader in health research, and rated 5/5 (well above world class) in the 2012 Excellence in Research Australia ratings, translating research into practice is the foundation of all our subjects.

Globally connected
Our partnerships with global leaders in health like the World Health Organisation, Johns Hopkins University and Kings College, London gives you access to an international perspective.

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Our model

Our learning.futures model:

  • provides research-inspired and academically rigorous learning
  • integrates exposure to professional practice
  • encourages international mobility and engagement
  • employs cutting-edge technology
  • stimulates life-long learning

Your learning cycle

UTS students are encouraged to be self-directed and independent in their learning. You'll be guided by academics, tutors and peers as you progress but it's you who will ultimately determine what you get out of your time at UTS.

  • UTS helps you define and articulate your individual learning goals.
  • You gain access to ideas and content, whether online or in innovative learning spaces.
  • Live case studies and engagement with mentors allow you to make sense of, and test, your ideas.
  • Academics, leading professionals and your peers provide feedback on the strength of your learning.
  • Finally, you’ll reflect on what you’ve learnt and how you’ve progressed, which will position to set new learning goals.