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The UTS Faculty of Health has made an explicit commitment to improving cultural competency of both staff and students in an effort to enable improvements in health outcomes for Indigenous Australians. Thus far we have formed a working party (members listed below) to try and address this aim with this working party being inclusive of Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff from within the Faculty and across the University. This website provides information developed and / or collated by this collaborative group in an effort to continue and improve the promotion of Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing. Working party discussions have led to the articulation of three core principles to underpin all we do – Respect, Engagement and Sharing and Moving Forward. A discussion with Juanita Sherwood, Head of Indigenous Education, UTS, provided below provides additional context for this work.

There are three main areas relating to Indigenous knowledge. Each of the three main areas has been broken down into context statements (8 in total) with key information available via tabs linking to each of these areas. All of this knowledge is interrelated and provides a holistic review of Indigenous knowing. Although brief in nature, it provides a start to work with.

Insights into Indigenous culture
The links below go to our external site for the resource kit.

1. Heterogeneity of Indigenous Australians
2. Health and social, emotional wellbeing
3. Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing
4. Spirituality

Impacts of colonisation and racism

5. Colonisation, racism and chronic disease
6. Social justice
7. Transgenerational trauma

A shared future

8. Resilience, survival and thriving

Each category has key resources linked within it to enable a deeper understanding of the content (inclusive of books, journal articles, grey literature, audio-visual resources and artwork) and staff are encouraged to read widely and engage with these materials. These resources will continue to build over time and have all been reviewed for inclusion based on accuracy, availability and relevance of material. The Faculty of Health’s graduate attribute used to enable greater integration of Indigenous knowing throughout our curricula is also provided. Finally, an overview of teaching and learning strategies when considering Indigenous pedagogy is provided and again, this page will continue to develop over time.

With thanks to our working party members for all their hard work, innovation and commitment to making a difference to the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians.

Members: Professor Juanita Sherwood; Claudia Virdun; Gareth Patterson; Angela Phillips; Dr Tamara Power; Dr Nicola Parker; Jane Van Balen; Dr Joanne Gray; Dr Adrian Kelly; Professor Debra Jackson; Lilanthi Ambanpola   

Please feel free to provide any feedback about this resource to Claudia.Virdun@uts.edu.au.

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