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Professor Nicky Leap launches practical guide to labour support

6 March 2017

Book cover - Supporting Women for Labour and Birth: A Thoughtful Guide

Within a culture of increasing fear of childbirth, use of epidurals and rates of caesarean section, support to labour is in high demand. Adjunct Professor Nicky Leap’s new book, ‘Supporting Women for Labour and Birth: A Thoughtful Guide’, co-authored with Professor Billie Hunter of Cardiff University, UK, offers the support required to improve outcomes for women and babies across the world. This practical guide draws on narratives of the experiences of women and practitioners as well as evidence from up-to-date research. Readers are encouraged to apply safe and positive techniques to their everyday practice and reflect on the emotional issues associated with labour support.

Professor Nicky Leap has worked across midwifery research, education and practice in both the UK and Australia for over twenty-five years. Centre Director Caroline Homer says this book “should be on the reading list of everyone who engages with pregnant women as they prepare to give birth.” The book was launched at the Centre for Midwifery, Child and Family Health (CMCFH) on 20 February 2017. With more than 70 midwives, midwifery students, consumers and community members in attendance at the launch, the event reflected the valuable contribution to knowledge in the field of midwifery that the book has provided, and the positive future of midwifery in Australia.

Byline: Madelyn Lines