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Women in Engineering and IT

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Women in Engineering and IT (WIEIT) at UTS is a long-standing initiative designed to redress the low rate of female participation in these fields by constructing Engineering and IT as potential options for study and career.

Its activities promote connection and engagement for female students at all levels, and encourage networking and collaboration with Engineering and IT professionals and thought-leaders in gender diversity and innovation.The WIEIT Program also seeks to address attitudes and behaviours which may undermine a safe and rewarding learning, research and working environment for students and staff.

Our aims

  • Engage female high school students with Engineering and IT

  • Support students by providing social and volunteering experiences

  • Prepare students for graduate roles, and success and continuity in their chosen field

Our team

Bronwyn HollandProgram Director
Maya MarcusOutreach Coordinator
Irene Hsieh

Program Assistant

Julia YeoProgram Assistant


The four members of the WIEIT team in front of WIEIT banner.