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Remote Laboratory

UTS: Engineering offers the largest and one of the world's most advanced remote laboratories (remotelabs), enabling students to remotely control laboratory equipment and conduct online experiments across the majority of engineering and science disciplines.

The UTS Remote Laboratory exposes high school and university students to innovative and interesting experiments normally unavailable to some due to cost, logistics and/or safety concerns. simulations, it uses real, physical equipment, instrumented with cameras and connected to the internet - real equipment which vibrates, gets hot and makes noise.

Available 24/7 from any location with an internet connection, our remotelab provides a safe, flexible, high-tech approach to gaining real-world practical experience.

LocationCB11, Level 8, Room 400


UTSremotelabs group

Remote Laboratory: coupled tanks

The UTSremotelabs group is the developer and maintainer of the facility. You can book tours of the remotelab with them by completing the booking form (doc, 70kB).


The UTS Remote Laboratory is part of the Labshare consortium, giving it phenomenal potential across the university, secondary, VET and research sectors.

For a tour of the experiments on offer in the UTS Remote Laboratory and other universities as part of the Labshare consortium, visit the Labshare catalogue.