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28 July 2016

Professor Myriam Amielh

Professor Myriam Amielh, Businesss Development Manager for UTS:Rapido.

With her extensive background in commercial research and development, Professor Myriam Amielh is well-placed to connect UTS’s industry partners with high-end research that is directly tied to real-world outcomes.

Amielh, who has more than 12 years’ experience leading multi-disciplinary research projects within large commercial organisations including Canon, holds the dual role of Professor and Business Development Manager in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT). Years spent leading research teams to develop new technologies for Canon’s current and future products honed her focus on delivering applied research with concrete use cases.

FEIT is home to a highly animated and diverse research environment, with more than 200 researchers conducting forward-looking research across a broad range of technology areas – everything from data analytics and visualisation, Internet of Things, cyber security and quantum computing through to civil and environmental engineering, robotics, image processing and nanotechnology, to name but a few. As Business Development Manager, Amielh’s role is to connect faculty researchers to external partners who want to realise an innovation vision for their business.

“With such a range of domains, the faculty’s researchers have the capacity to solve an incredibly broad spectrum of contemporary problems,” she said. “I work with external partners ranging from small start-ups to large corporate organisations or governmental agencies; we meet and discuss their innovation visions and I work to identify the relevant technologies and potential research challenges with help from our faculty experts, and we build research collaborations.”

The reasons external partners approach the faculty are many and varied. Some are looking to push the limits of technology to realise innovative new product and service ideas; others seek new technologies to support creative ideas that will set their business apart. These technologies must be ripe for commercialisation, and in some cases, projects require coordinated efforts across multiple areas of research.

Enter UTS: Rapido, UTS’s soon to be launched service for rapid prototyping.

“The Rapido team has extensive experience across the whole spectrum from research to productisation,” said Amielh. “Well-connected to our researchers, they will provide a single interface between the faculty and our partners, delivering the opportunity to realise new concepts and evaluate their market viability.”

To find out more about UTS: Rapido or to discuss options for collaborative research to support innovation and development in your business, contact Professor Myriam Amielh via email: myriam.amielh@uts.edu.au or telephone: 0438 222 863.