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May 2017

UTS:QSI supports a new Quantum community journal with editorial and academic contributions
New antenna chamber examines up to 90GHz advancing technology for mobile applications and faster data transfers.

April 2017

A new joint centre for advanced research into key sciences and technologies inaugurated
World-first algorithm has 90% accuracy in shark identification
Westpac Scholarship program supports five FEIT undergrads to join Australia’s technology talent pool
UTS and Nokia: a technology partnership working on advanced engineering projects that support the development of future network services
Four FEIT University Innovation Fellows equipped to lead on-campus innovation
FEIT academics delivered the first workshops under a new arrangement with UTS and VNU
UTS: CAI: from the far fringes to the fuzzy mainstream

March 2017

Safer evacuation solution for urban densities wins FEIT + Ericsson Smart Cities Hackathon.
A view from the test field as the competition nears for TeamVICTOR's 'robotics Olympics' Grand Challenge in MBZIRC 2017
The Defence Science and Technology Group in partnership with UTS and Noetic Group are hosting an Emerging and Disruptive Technologies Assessment Symposium (EDTAS).
Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre funded to fast-track the digital transformation of Australia’s food industry
FEIT's new rapid prototyping unit is helping a range of external partners progress ideas into products

February 2017

From dungeons to Abu Dhabi, all nighters and below zero temperatures are testing the crew and kit for Team VICTOR's 2017 MBZIRC Grand Challenge
The golden anniversary of civil and structural engineering is occasion for celebration and refection
UTS is contributing SLAM software strengths to the Team VICTOR 2017 MBZIRC Grand Challenge - a robotics 'mini Olympics'

January 2017

What is the impact of acquiring a full second every 18 months?
How deep data analytics capability helps Colonial Frist State identify opportunities for its customers

December 2016

UTS:QSI focus exclusively on software and information processing infrastructure required for future quantum technologies.
UTS gets IoT network coverage in a new partnership with global telco Thinxtra.
A unique project to deliver insights into superannuation behaviours can benefit all Australians
Speeches, presentations, prizes and workshops highlight FEIT research
FEIT enhances our reputation for big data science in Shanghai
UTS helps lighten the London winter gloom this Christmas season!

November 2016

Four FEIT students the first Australian students to join prestigious Stanford University program
24 entries challenged the judges of the inaugural Technology Student Prototype Exhibition
"..with goodwill and time on our side, electricity generation can be decarbonised" Dr Alan Finkel 2016 Zunz Lecture
Prof Mary-Anne Williams is the latest UTS appointment to the BESydney Ambassador's Program

October 2016

AEEA Sydney 2016 commends and awards CROC