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Creating strategic university linkages is the cornerstone of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. Our current partners span a range of engineering and information technology industries and can be found within in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. We are highly sought as a partner of choice for:

  • leading employers seeking high calibre student interns (for placements which form part of their course) and graduates
  • sponsors looking to support scholarship recipients as they commence and progress throughout their degrees
  • facilitating collaborative research projects and developing innovative technologies
  • organisations inspiring students to enter the engineering and information technology fields
  • students seeking an engaging learning process and successful careers
  • networking opportunities such as events and committees to meet with students and industry
  • directing queries to suitably address the needs of organisations and providing links to various areas within the Faculty.

Contact our team to find out how partnering with the Faculty of Engineering and IT can help your organisation meet its need for new talent and foster the next generation of industry leaders.

Or find out more about who we partner with.