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What we do


DAB's three Schools have close industry and community partnerships, ensuring that courses and subjects remain contemporary and relevant.

Working with leading organisations that recognise the value of creativity and technology in driving results, DAB students have the opportunity to gain real world business skills and experience as part of their studies.

Students are given a chance to visit companies, undertake industry related projects, ranging from collaborations with small community and charity organisations, to working with major corporate brands. Students are recognised through prizes, awards, internships and scholarships.

These opportunities helps students understand the scope and needs of industry in promoting their products, and provide businesses and organisations with invaluable new perspectives from students on ways of using technology and visual culture to communicate.

The experience of working with these companies and on relevant projects prepares students for professional life.

Recent partnerships/projects and collaborations have been established with companies such as: Autodesk, Google, Stockland and Westpac.