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UTS Early Career Research Grants announced

10 August 2017

Congratulations to Dr Alexandra Crosby from the School of Design and Dr Pernille Christensen from the School of Built Environment, who have been awarded 2017 UTS Early Career Researcher grants.

The UTS Early Career Research (ECR) Grants Scheme has been established to provide early career researchers project support to undertake research that will lead to enhancement of future funding opportunities and research outputs.

Dr Alexandra Crosby

Dr Crosby’s project Indonesian Australian Design Futures is guided by the research question: can collaborations between Australia and Indonesia designers propose small and slow, but effective, solutions to problems such as urbanisation, climate change and deforestation?

“The research will open dialogue between Indonesia and Australia. It will bring Indonesian designers into important discussions about seemingly unsolvable and ‘wicked’ problems such as urbanisation, climate change and deforestation” says Crosby.

Dr Christensen’s ECR funded research is part of an international collaboration working towards the development of a framework to reduce the vulnerability of urban environments against terrorist attacks.

“There are currently no legislative requirements placed upon real estate developers, planners, designers, managers and/or investors to adopt counter terrorism protective security measures in new developments,” says Christensen.

“Protective security is rarely considered in the early stages of the planning and development process. Consequently, most security measures adopted are reactive in nature and implemented post-construction, resulting in higher capital costs and insurance premiums.”

Dr Pernille Christensen

Dr Christensen has recently returned from London, working with collaborators from Coventry University (UK), Ulster University (UK) and Central Oklahoma University (US). After the recent London terror events, the team has been asked to fast track the project and submit a report to the UK National Counter Terrorism Security Officer outlining the findings from UK interviews to assist in revising UK’s counter terrorism guidelines.

Bamboo basket weaving workshop held on location for DAB UTS students on Global Design Studio led by Dr Alexandra Crosby in a Central Javanese village by Spedagi organisation.