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August 2017

Professor Peter McNeil’s immense contribution to academia has been recognised with his recent appointment as UTS Distinguished Professor. McNeil is an international leader in the history and theory of design, art and fashion, and a pioneer in interdisciplinary research.
Congratulations to Dr Alexandra Crosby from the School of Design and Dr Pernille Christensen from the School of Built Environment, who have been awarded 2017 UTS Early Career Researcher grants.
When Hurricane Sandy struck New York city, it struck a metropolis unprepared for a natural disaster of this scale. But unless global cities like New York adapt to the reality of extreme weather events, it’s only a matter of time before one goes under - literally.

July 2017

The University of Technology Sydney is calling for PhD applications to its world-leading School of Design’s research program.

June 2017

Outdated sport offerings are creating significant barriers to youth participation.
Embroidery was widely used as a form of therapy for British, Australian, and New Zealand soldiers wounded in the War.
Sam Kerfoot discusses her experiences at UTS and the global classroom.
The UTS Bachelor of Construction Project Management has achieved full global accreditation status.

May 2017

As far as achievements go, being selected for Australia’s most visually spectacular arts and culture festival ranks high on the register.
For many people, craft is wooden chairs and pottery, all lovingly constructed by hand. A 3D-printed plastic object? Not so much.
In era of global consumption, our understanding of cattle stock routes can no longer be local.
What do an engineer, a building surveyor and a mental health nurse have in common? The answer is a retrofitted rooftop garden.
The risk of more severe storms and cyclones in the highly urbanised coastal areas of Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong might not be acute, but it is a real future threat with the further warming of the southern Pacific Ocean.
The young, highly educated and restless are being priced out of many of the world’s major cities. They are choosing instead to set themselves up in smaller, regional cities.
Islamist terrorists, bearded jihadis (and bearded Arabs in general) and women in burqas. Stories of beheadings, bombs and genital mutilation.
Not all UTS Design students commence straight after high school. Many, such as current student, Tess Frost, take a different pathway.

April 2017

What are people looking for when they browse the State Library of NSW’s collection of six million items?
The way someone looks – the size of their nose or the abundance of body or facial hair – is an amusing topic of dinner discussions in my Lebanese–Australian family.
Stress: arguably one of the most debilitating, potentially harmful and ubiquitous modern-day ailments impacting us daily. And yet, there are little to no portable treatment tools available to both diagnose and alleviate our stress levels, until now.    
For decades Sydneysiders have demanded an efficient, integrated public transport system, a challenge which UTS Master of Design student, Hanan Bou Akl, was ready to tackle as part of the course’s Service Design unit.

March 2017

According to the 2017 QS World University Rankings by subject (Art and Design), UTS School of Design now sits at number 29, a rise of two spots from 2016, placing it as the leading Art and Design School in NSW.
What happens after Cyclone Debbie is a familiar process. It has been repeated many times in cities around the world. The reason is that our cities are not designed for these types of events.
As the latest cohort of eager creatives and aspiring designers set to embark on life as DAB students, we reflect on the achievements of the first group of graduating students from the UTS Bachelor of Design in Animation (Honours) program.

December 2016

One man's quest to discover his Indigenous heritage has triggered a grand revitalisation project led by UTS Design academics in two rural New South Wales communities.
The brief for this year’s final project of the UTS Bachelor of Architecture was bold and ambitious: to design a new school for inner Sydney, a blueprint for a contemporary multi-arts centre with potential to revolutionise secondary education.

November 2016

UTS Visual Communication student, Gabriella Clegg, decided to tackle of unused household goods as part of her Honours major project and its led to the creation of The Object Library – an experience driven platform, designed to link you and your underutilised goods with the community.
The suburban street setback is enshrined in most residential planning policies, including Western Australia’s Residential Design Codes. These dictate that all dwellings are constructed at a uniform distance from the kerb.
Original paintings by acclaimed Australian artists Sidney Nolan and Wendy Sharpe were recently auctioned off by the Garth Barnett Scholarship Trust Fund, to support students studying at the UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building.
Professor Louise McWhinnie has been appointed Dean of the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation at UTS.

October 2016

Cross-divisional teams made up of students from Architecture and Built Environment, have been working on comprehensive urban renewal plans for sites including Sydney Metro stations, as part of a compulsory UTS Planning and Property Development unit.