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About BEII

Driving innovation

Using real-world data to drive innovation

The intelligent application of data is critical to delivering successful projects, policy and processes in property, planning, construction and project management disciplines. This is especially critical at a time when the built environment is experiencing major technological, financial and social disruptions.

Network connections in a cityscape

At the UTS Built Environment Informatics and Innovation Research Centre (BEII), we use informatics and applied data to drive innovation. We accomplish this by connecting digital and spatial data across a range of disciplines. We believe that richer, better connected data enables more holistic analysis of the complex impacts of change.

Pedestrians crossing streetIn our research we focus on the interactions between people, places and buildings, and digital information using geospatial information technologies. This research demonstrates that people and social processes are placed at the centre of any decision for the sustainable development of local and global built environments, from building retrofits, to infrastructure investment, to public realm enhancements.

Connecting informatics

BEII has a core focus on three research areas:

An artist’s impression of a sustainable, modular, stackable timber office fit out designed by Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited? Image courtesy of FWPAEmergent industrial processes

What if you could unlock the key to sustainable office fitouts? How can we learn and apply lessons from project blow-outs?


Application of the HYway Platform during delivery of 50 Flinders Street, Adelaide. Digital and spatial informatics

Imagine the power to connect building information systems with market valuations, or to develop software that uses construction project data to improve building performance and support business analytics.

 An artist’s impression of the algae panel installation proposed for UTS’s Alumni GreenComprehensive concepts of value

How can non-monetary dimensions be used to assess the true value of built environment investments? What is the economic impact of green building practices on real estate portfolios?


BEII partners with industry, government and non-profit organisations on a variety of research projects.

Because our academic team is interdisciplinary, we approach problems and projects from multiple perspectives.