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Welcome from the Dean

The world is changing. The rapid pace of technological advancement, the emergence of new educational paradigms, and the rise of an increasingly globalised workforce are transforming life as we know it. They’re also changing the way we teach, research, study and connect.

Mary Spongberg
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

In the UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), we’re embracing that change. Our vision: to be a world leading arts and social sciences faculty in a university of technology. As a dynamic knowledge community, we shape the future through creativity and critical inquiry and provide the foundation for graduates to prosper in a technology-led future.

Our contemporary communication courses combine creativity, innovation and knowledge and are well-known by industry. We have a vibrant international studies program that champions global perspectives on knowledge and interaction. And we’re home to one of Australia’s leading education schools, aiming to build a future teaching workforce that will embrace dramatic shifts in educational pedagogy.

Even in our disciplines that are steeped in centuries of tradition, we take a forward-thinking, future-focused approach. We’re guided by the five values of UTS: To discover, engage, empower, deliver, and sustain. The values themselves are progressive, like us — they’re a step-by-step process of the discovery and implementation of new knowledge.

So what does this mean for you? As a student with us, you’ll find yourself at the heart of a faculty striving to lead positive global change and advance social justice. You’ll study a course that, from day 1, aims to make you a professional. What you learn will sit at the intersection of industry, technology and inquiry. You’ll become an agile and resilient learner, able to engage in an intercultural setting, and employ appropriate communication techniques.

Here in the Faculty, we’re big believers in hands-on learning. Whatever you study, our learning.futures initiative gives you an authentic learning experience. Your course curriculum will keep you strongly connected to industry through opportunities for internships, exploring case studies, learning from guest lectures and more. You’ll work with the tools and technologies of your future workplace. And we’ll help you build the technical, practical and real-world skills required to move ahead in your career. In the first program of its kind, we will help you to attain Indigenous competencies relevant to your chosen profession.

Is research your focus? You’ll become part of a dynamic, close-knit community committed to intellectual inquiry for the greater good. Our research is highly applied, and often driven by industry partnerships. Our acclaimed academics are interested in outcomes that respond to real need — that shapes people, places and sectors, and leaves a lasting mark on the world.

As a FASS student, you’ll become part of a global community. You’ll study in world-leading facilities right in the heart of Sydney. You’ll work alongside academic and industry leaders, have the opportunity to undertake international exchange or learn a language, and build vibrant social and professional relationships that aim to launch your future.

And so I invite you to join us — to become part of something bigger, here at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Professor Mary Spongberg
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences