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About us

The arts and social sciences are facing unprecedented change. In the UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve.

Although we work across a mix of traditional and emerging disciplines, we take a contemporary approach to everything we do. That means embedding the concepts of innovation, digital disruption, social justice and creativity at the core of our research and teaching.

A future-focused approach

The Faculty is home to three schools: Communication, Education and International Studies. We take a hands-on approach to teaching that’s heavily influenced by our extensive industry connections — all our students have the opportunity to undertake internships and other practical placements, both in Australia and overseas, to enhance their work-readiness. We aim to produce agile, forward-thinking graduates who can apply what they know in the real-world, and who can work creatively across a range of sectors. Whether it’s media and communication, society and culture, teacher education or linguistics, we challenge them — and ourselves — to think beyond traditional discipline boundaries.

One to watch

UTS is 29 years young, but wise beyond our years. We have a growing reputation as a world-class university — we’re ranked number 1 in Australia and number 8 internationally on the World’s Top 50 Universities under 50. We’ve also been recognised for innovation in teaching and learning in the Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education Awards.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Science is turning heads too — we’re number 51 for Communication and Media and in the top 200 for Education in the QS World University subject rankings. Our research profile is growing rapidly — our research is interdisciplinary and externally engaged, focused on solving real-world problems. None of this would be possible without our outstanding staff, who are thought leaders, professional practitioners, and world-class researchers and teachers across a wealth of disciplines.

At the centre of the world

Location is everything — and our location is second to none. The UTS City Campus sits at the heart of Sydney’s southern CBD, putting one of the world’s great cities right on our doorstep. The campus itself is none too shabby either — we’ve invested $1.2 billion to transform it into a world-class, interconnected, student-centric space that embodies the latest in innovation and design. FASS is located in a purpose-built space on one edge of the Alumni Green. It houses formal and informal learning spaces, studios, workshops and other spaces that facilitate innovation in teaching and research. It’s an award-winning building that was designed to promote collaboration and communication — much like the work that we do.