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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences specialises in communication, education and international studies. We have a strong practice orientation with a focus on technology, creativity and internationalism, supported and enhanced by academic expertise in communication and media; languages and culture; and teacher education.

The Faculty is part of a university that is well recognised and regarded internationally as reflected in the major rankings:

We have over 5000 students and 180 academic and professional support staff. Many of our academic staff have national and international reputations in creative and professional fields such as writing, filmmaking, digital media, sound design, journalism, advertising, public relations, teacher education, applied linguistics and TESOL, and international studies.


The Faculty offers a range of courses from our three schools:

Many of the staff teaching our degrees are also highly reputed researchers, and we have about 300 students undertaking research degrees. We house or play a key role a number of research centres. We place high value on our academic, creative and professional courses, on creativity, problem-solving and research skills, and on social advocacy, community service and contribution to public debates.

Employers in our areas value resumes that show initiative and practical application. The Faculty provides many opportunities for initiative, not just in the context of the course programs, but also, for example, through:

UTS Journalism students radio 2SER

The personal, social and professional development, students gain through an international study experience adds excitement and value to our degrees, and broadens career options. Several opportunities the faculty provides include:

The faculty is located on the central UTS Broadway campus in Building 10, levels 3,4,5,9 and 14, and also Building 3, levels 1–3.

We hope your time with us will be rewarding and enjoyable, and will prepare you well for your future.

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