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Our model


UTS is flipping learning on its head with a university-wide approach to blended learning. Learning.futures puts students front and centre of our education strategy. No more rote learning, one-way lectures or teacher-knows-all. Instead, our approach emphasises the role of the student in designing and shaping their learning experience. Think collaborative projects, real-life case studies, and the integration of technology into everyday teaching. With innovative curriculum design and seamless integration of online and face-to-face delivery, learning.futures is reinventing the student experience.

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learning.futures in FASS

In the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, we’re learning.futures ready. Our technology-enabled facilities are the best of the best –recognised with a 2016 Learning Environments NSW Award for design excellence and impact on student learning. And we’re fully focused on creating learning experiences that are truly active; where students put into practice what they learn along the way. As well as expanding the boundaries of traditional teaching and learning, our active learning approach supports students to develop the core skills of problem solving, teamwork, leadership and communication.

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Beyond the classroom

Off campus, the learning experience is far from over — students can access a range of digital resources from wherever they choose to work. They’re also encouraged to apply their studies in real-world contexts: the Faculty offers a range of internships and work experience programs for students in all our courses, opening the door to industry connections from early in their careers.