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Postgraduate research

Take your next big step

All research degrees are not created equal. With a master’s or doctoral degree in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, you’ll become part of a vibrant research community that is committed to creating positive change in the world. You’ll undertake high-impact research under the guidance of leading academics in your field of study, and develop research capabilities that are relevant to both academic and professional careers.

What can you study?

We offer master’s and doctoral degrees across a range of discipline areas. All our courses are closely aligned to the broader research program within one of our three schools.

Use the links below to find out more about your chosen degree, and about the Faculty’s research agenda.

CourseAdditional info
School of Communication 
  • Master of Arts in Humanities and Social Sciences (Research)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Communication)
  • Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Master of Creative Arts (Research)
School of Education 
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Education)
  • Doctor of Education
School of International Studies 
  • Doctor of Philosophy (International Studies)
  • Master of Arts in International Studies (Research)

Structure of a research degree

For more information of the structure of a research degree, please download the structure of a research degree (PDF, 316kB) for more information.