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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS produces world-class research in Education, Politics and Sociology, Creative Arts and Writing, Language, Communication and Culture, and History. FASS Research is interdisciplinary and externally engaged, focused on solving real-world problems.


ASERA Conference 2017
27 - 30 June 2017
FASS researchers will be assessing how the governance of tuna fisheries can address the social needs of communities relying on them.
Anna Denejkina, a FASS PhD candidate, is investigating how combat-related trauma suffered by soldiers during the Soviet-Afghan war may be transmitted from the parent to their children.
NSW regional communities with a strong aquaculture industry reap social as well as economic benefits, a new report has found.
Research partnerships

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact Jo York, Manager, Research Support and Development.

Valuing Coastal Fisheries
Australia’s professional fishing industries are an essential ingredient for maintaining the economic, social and cultural richness of coastal communities. This two-year research study reveals that both social and economic factors must be considered when measuring the value professional fishing delivers to communities.

Rethinking our history
The way we understand Australian history is set to be rewritten, thanks to an ambitious new project that retells our national story using previously untapped sources.

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