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UTS graduate anointed the new “movie human” for Triple-J

30 June 2017

Recent UTS School of Communication graduate Amelia Navascues has been chosen as the newest movie reviewer for Triple J, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's youth radio station.

Amelia Navascues behind the panel at 2SER, picture supplied

The 22-year-old will fill the shoes of eleven-year veteran Marc Fennell, delivering weekly movie reviews to a national audience.

The selection process was extremely competitive — there were more than 1,300 applications for the coveted spot.

To come out on top, Amelia produced a review of the ABC’s You Can’t Ask That series, impressed in an on-air interview, and then pulled an all-nighter to finish one more review before being chosen as the station’s next official “movie human”.

Although she has “big shoes to fill”, she hopes to do the job justice and is excited to have the opportunity.

The 2016 graduate no doubt caught the eye of the broadcasting giant with the help of her excellent portfolio of work at 2SER, producing and presenting for the newsroom and reporting for The Wire radio.

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