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Jim Macnamara wins measurement awards

27 July 2017
Jim Macnamara accepting the UTS AMEC awards. Image: themeasurementstandard.com

Excerpt from The Measurement Standards by CARMA. 

Our own Professor Jim Macnamara is being showered with accolades. Earlier this year he received the Don Bartholomew Award for Outstanding Service from the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC). And now the Institute for Public Relations has announced it will crown him with its highest academic honor, the Pathfinder Award. The Institute for Public Relations awards the Pathfinder annually “in recognition of an original program of scholarly research that has made a significant contribution to the body of knowledge and practice of public relations.”

Professor Jim Macnamara, is a leader within communications research, measurement, and evaluation, is currently Professor of Public Communication within our Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences here at UTS. 

Read more about Professor Macnamara’s accolades at The Measurement Standards