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Investigating the human dimensions of tuna fisheries

20 April 2017

UTS FASS researchers Drs Kate Barclay, Michael Fabinyi and Nicholas McClean have been awarded US$165,000 from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation to study the governance of tuna fisheries.

It has been widely recognized for many years that fisheries science should generate better understanding of the human dimensions as well as the biological, and that policy making should better address these. While there is an emerging consensus that the social success of a fishery is crucial to the long-term environmental success of a fishery, how to best assess this success remains an area of considerable uncertainty. Current measures of the success of fisheries governance do not enable assessments of whether fisheries are addressing the social needs of communities relying on them.

The project will develop a framework to assess different forms of fisheries governance in terms of the social benefits tuna fisheries bring to coastal communities. Initially working in Indonesia and Solomon Islands, the team will assess fisheries governance across the Indian and Pacific Oceans.