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Cover of 2016 UTS Anthology - Seeds and SkeletonsFor thirty years the UTS Writers’ Anthology—one of the liveliest collections of new writing published in Australia today—has showcased the considerable talent that emerges every year from one of the country’s most respected writing programs.

Seeds & Skeletons is the thirtieth anthology in a series that started with Pink Cakes in 1982. Since then, the UTS Creative Writing program has fostered the careers of hundreds of Australian writers. Graduates from the UTS writing program include Bernard Cohen, David Astle, Charlotte Wood, Jane Messer, Jon Steiner, Nigel Bartlett, Mireille Juchau, Andy Kissane, Dominic Knight, Fiona McGregor, Gaby Naher, Mandy Sayer, Beth Yahp and the late Gillian Mears. Current staff John Dale and Tony Macris are also graduates of the UTS writing program.

The UTS Writers’ Anthology gives both aspiring writers the chance to be published, and fledging editors an opportunity to hone their skills. The editing experience is invaluable for postgraduate and undergraduate students who apply to volunteer their time as part of a small editorial committee. Each year this committee, under the guidance of an academic, works intensively for over six months to take the book from the first stages of content selection and cover design, all the way through to publication, launch and publicity. Submissions are read and chosen anonymously and the final selection reflects the range of writing taught at UTS.

This year’s edition brings together a vibrant collection of new and emerging voices, featuring short fiction, memoir, poetry and screenwriting. The foreword was written by Australian novelist and screenwriter Graeme Simsion author of the acclaimed novels The Rosie Project (2013) and The Rosie Effect (2014).

The UTS Writers’ Anthology, Seeds & Skeletons, was launched to a packed audience at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, on Friday 20 May 2016. It was launched by Dr Catherine Keenan, co-founder and director of the Sydney Story Factory, a non-profit writing centre for young writers and readers, based in Redfern.