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Your rights and responsibilities

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It is important to know your equal opportunity rights and responsibilities. The UTS Policy on the prevention of harassment outlines the rights and responsibilities of all UTS staff, students and visitors.

Your right
UTS is committed to providing opportunities for all students and staff to study, learn, work and participate in the full range of University activities. In particular, UTS has policies and programs to provide equal opportunity for all persons regardless of sex; race; marital status; carers' responsibilities; disability; sexual preference; age; political conviction, and religious belief.

If you believe that your right to equal opportunity has been compromised by discrimination or harassment you may have an equity-related complaint.
Your responsibilities
UTS aims to build a supportive and open organisational culture which enables students and staff to develop to their full potential.  This can only be achieved if everyone acts in ways that enhance the learning, working and social environment for all.
At UTS, all staff and students have a responsibility to contribute to the achievement of a productive, ethical, safe and equitable study and work environment. Everyone also has the right to study and work free of harassment and discrimination. EO Online: prevention of discrimination and harassment in the workplace (EO Online) aims to assist with this goal.

EO Online

EO Online is a self-paced, on-line training program for all university staff about equal opportunity. It covers theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of how to apply equal opportunity principles in work and study environments, and real life case studies, examples and interactive learning techniques for self assessment.
All staff at UTS are encouraged to complete the Module 1. Module 2 has been specially designed for managers and supervisors. Each module takes between 1-2 hours, and by working through the EO Online modules you will:
  • learn how to deal with and prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • understand your legal rights and responsibilities to achieve a discrimination and harassment free campus
  • increase your awareness of equity policies, issues and strategies in your university, and
  • have a reference for dealing with grievances


Through SHOUTS (Sex-based Harassment, discrimination and bullying Out of UTS), UTS is committed to ensuring all students and staff are treated fairly, and can study and work in an environment free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

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