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Gender, sexuality and body diversity

UTS is committed to maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusion, ensuring that all our staff and students are provided with the opportunity to succeed. UTS is committed to fostering a culture that is inclusive of the LGBTIQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and Queer) community.

The UTS Equity and Diversity Unit offer a 3-hour ‘Breaking the Binary: gender, sexuality and body diversity’ Awareness Session to staff in all units and faculties across UTS. This is the first required module in becoming a UTS Ally. You can read more about the UTS Ally Program on the UTS Ally Program page and find the contact information for UTS Allies here. There are trained UTS Allies across most faculties and units of the university, including in the UTS Counselling Service, UTS Medical Practice, UTS Careers Unit, UTS Housing and Activate Fit Gym. For more information on ‘Breaking the Binary’ and UTS Ally training, please see the Training and development page.

The Equity and Diversity Unit can also assist staff and students to affirm their gender identity through transition such as by supporting administrative changes to name and in official documentation.

Throughout the year E&DU host a number of events and activities to celebrate and commemorate key dates for the LGBTIQ+ community. For example, on Intersex Awareness Day in 2015 and 2016 Organisation Intersex International Australia (OII) presented an awareness session for the UTS community.

The UTS Students Association Queer Collective can be found by visiting the UTS Queer Space located on level 3 of the Tower Building near the Student Association Bookshop.

Website: www.sa.uts.edu.au/queer

Email: queer@utsstudentsassociation.org or students.association@uts.edu.au

LGBTIQ identified UTS staff members can join the social network, PROUD. Group membership in PROUD is confidential and can only be accessed by the convenor of this group. For more information and to request to join please contact the E&DU LGBTIQ Project Officer.

UTS is a proud member of Pride in Diversity

UTS is a proud member of Pride in Diversity