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Cultural diversity

Multicultural policies and services

UTS values its culturally diverse community, and is committed to implementing policies and services that engage with multiculturalism in the broader community.
UTS is required by the NSW State Government to embed four key principles into core business through its multicultural policies and services plan (MPSP). The four principles are:

  • leadership to encourage and value a culturally diverse society through the establishment of supportive policy, legal and planning frameworks;
  • community harmony;
  • access and equity within the framework of social justice obligations;
  • economic and cultural opportunities.

These principles confirm the right of individuals in New South Wales to:

  • fully contribute and participate in the life of the state;
  • respect the culture, language and religion of others (within a legal and constitutional framework where English is the common language);
  • have access to government services;
  • have the linguistic and cultural assets in New South Wales recognised and promoted.

You have an equity-related complaint if you believed you are being discriminated against or harassed in your work or study because of your: ethnic or ethno-religious background, or descent or national identity.