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Register of contracts

UTS maintains a publicly available register of contracts on the university's website, as required by Part 3, division 5 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) (GIPA Act).

What’s included

The UTS register of contracts publishes information about contracts between UTS and private sector entities valued at or above $150,000, where one of the parties has agreed to:

  • undertake a specific project (eg construction, infrastructure or property development)
  • provide specific goods or services (eg information technology services)
  • transfer real property to another party in the contract, or
  • a lease of real property.

Contracts are listed alphabetically by contractor and each entry on the register notes the contractor, a description of the contracts purpose, a reference number and the contract class.

Contract details are made available in PDF format.

Contract classes

The GIPA Act identifies three classes of contracts (1, 2 and 3), which determine the amount of information required to be published.

Where a contract is defined as class 3, a copy of the contract will usually be included on the register.

What’s not included

The following contracts are not required to be included on the register:

  • agreements with no legally binding obligations
  • a document giving of a gift to UTS
  • employment contracts.

Under section 32 of the GIPA Act, some types of contract information are not required to be included in the register, for example:

  • where the information is commercial-in-confidence
  • information that relates to details of any unsuccessful tender, or
  • any matter that could reasonably be expected to affect public safety or security, or
  • where there is an overriding public interest against disclosure

Where contracts are listed on the register, but certain information has not been provided, details will be included on the contract's entry to explain what information has not been provided and why.

Generally, UTS does not list on the register any contract for research or consultancies with private sector entities where UTS is engaged by the private sector to undertaking the research or consultancy. These are not included on grounds that publication would:

  • reveal commercial-in-confidence provisions (GIPA Act section 32(1)(a))
  • prejudice the private entities legitimate business, commercial or financial interests (sections 32(1)(d) and 14(4)(d)), and
  • prejudice the conduct, effectiveness or integrity of the research by revealing its purpose, conduct or expected results (sections 32(1)(d) and 14(4)(e)).

Reporting timeframe

Contracts reported in the register will remain publicly accessible for 20 working days or until the conditions of the contract have expired, whichever timeframe is longer. Contracts that meet both criteria will be removed from the register on a regular basis.

UTS register of contracts