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Disclosure log

The UTS disclosure log is a record of applications made under Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) (the GIPA Act) where access was provided to some or all of the information applied for, and where UTS considers the information to be of interest to other members of the public.

UTS disclosure log

Details of an access application are recorded in the disclosure log after an application has been decided. Each application listed is identified by its application ID.

  • GIPA2016/06 (PDF, 1.94mb). Decided 1/11/2016. Description: Information about reported sexual assaults and indecent filming between 01/01/2011 until 15/07/2016, broken down by: gender; occupation; on or off-campus; whether substantiated, unsubstantiated, withdrawn or under investigation; penalties imposed, including exclusions, suspension or referral to police.
  • GIPA2015/02 (PDF, 18.87kB). Decided 06/05/2015. Description: Information relating to the removal of decision ‘1315208 [2015] MRTA (23 January 2015)’ from the AustLii website.
  • GIPA2015/01. Decided 24/03/2015. Description: Documents relating to MyMasters and its Director covering 12/11/2014 to 23/02/2015. (For access to information released under this application, contact the Right to Information Contact Officer.)
  • GIPA2013/02 (PDF, 120kB). Decided: 10/07/2013. Description: Information from 2012 relating to UTS's purchase, sale or ownership of shares in any company which generates revenue from oil, coal, gas or uranium, whether from extraction, refinement or energy generation; and any criteria used for assessment of environmental impact of UTS's investments, whether through shares, managed funds or other means.
  • GIPA2011/02 (PDF, 151kB). Decided: 02/05/2011. Description: Details of cash and non-cash bonuses and KPI for the Vice-Chancellor 2009–2011, and dollar amount of bonuses paid to Executive Officers 2009–2010.
  • GIPA2011/01 (PDF, 765kB). Decided: 17/03/2011. Description: Advice received by the Vice-Chancellor regarding re-appointment of the Dean of DAB 2009–2010.
  • GIPA2010/02 (PDF, 387kB). Decided: 23/12/2010. Description: Information relating to the purchase of computers and equipment by the Faculty of Engineering and IT from January 2006.
  • GIPA2010/01 (PDF, 120kB). Decided: 08/09/2010. Description: Details of ATAR bonus schemes available at UTS and statistics for receipt in 2010.

Access applicants or any consulting parties can object to inclusion of information in the disclosure log during the application process.


For inquiries or assistance, contact the Right to Information Contact Officer.